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From: Joshua Bloch (
Date: Fri Jun 25 1999 - 21:43:54 EDT

Hi. I'm a Senior Staff Engineer at Sun Microsystems Java Software in
Cupertino, where I work as an architect in the Java Language Group. I
designed and implemented the Collections Framework and java.math, and
contributed to other parts of the JDK. I've done various Thread-related
things (e.g., ThreadLocal/InheritableThreadLocal). I'm largely responsible
for deprecating Thread.stop/suspend/resume/runFinalizersOnExit.

Within Sun, I was one of the first people to understand that the memory
model was broken in the sense that common lazy initialization algorithms are
not guaranteed to work. I convinced the JLS authors (Joy, Steele and
Gosling) of this fact about a year ago. I came up with a tweak to Chapter
17 that fixes this and proved it correct. It does *not* solve the other,
performance-related problems that Bill Pugh popularized in his paper.

In a previous life, I was a Senior Systems Designer at Transarc Corporation
in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania (now a part of IBM), where I designed and
implemented many parts of the Encina distributed transaction processing
system. I did lots of multithreaded programming on top of a pthreads-like
interface. Before that I was at CMU, where I did lots of multithreaded
programming on top of another pthreads-like interface (Mach).

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