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From: Hans Wegener (
Date: Sun Jun 27 1999 - 12:23:55 EDT

William Pugh wrote:

> OK. At the moment, I'm the only person who has posted to the mailing
> list. Time to change that...

Hi, I currently work at Ubilab, the IT laboratory of UBS AG in Zuerich,
Switzerland and do consulting and research for the bank's IT department. My
biggest interest is in object-oriented design and metalevel architectures.
However, until recently I've been working most of my time tying C++ toolkits
to languages like Java and Dylan. Two issues that were *always* a problem are
memory-management and multithreading. So, my interest in this list stems from
the very fact that I'm earning my daily bread with issues like how to map
model A to model B.


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