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From: Joseph Bowbeer (
Date: Wed Jun 30 1999 - 01:29:49 EDT

Hi all. Sorry I'm late. Introduction follows.

I've been specializing in Java consulting the past 3 years. I've been trying
to get to the bottom of the Java Memory Model (JMM) since 11/96 when a
co-worker asked that I read the fine print in JLS, Chapter 17.

I seem to have a real knack for finding non-JMM-compliant code in other
people's programs.

Concerning Bill Pugh's list of goals, they look OK for now, but I need to
study them more.

Generally, I tend to side more with the programmer than with the compiler or
machine. For example, I think it's out of character for a language designed
for correctness, portability, and security -- a language without pointers,
with garbage collection, and with runtime checking of array indices and type
conversions -- to be so programmer-unfriendly when it comes to threads. (I
even suspect that threads are the wrong concurrency abstraction for Java,
but I don't know what a better one would be.)

I've sent lots of email about the JMM to anyone I thought might be remotely
interested. One ot these letters was published in JavaWorld:

  Loose threads? in JavaWorld, Letter to Ed. (4-5-99)

I also wrote an article about using threads correctly in Swing's
single-threaded subsystem. You won't find a lot of JMM-specific content
here, though I do refer to it in the last two paragraphs of the conclusion:

  Swing Threads in The Swing Connection. (5-25-99)

Joe Bowbeer

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