Re: JavaMemoryModel: Introductions...

From: Tom May (
Date: Sun Jul 04 1999 - 18:12:46 EDT

Joe Bowbeer writes:

> I've been trying to get to the bottom of the Java Memory Model (JMM)
> since 11/96 when a co-worker asked that I read the fine print in
> JLS, Chapter 17.

I am that co-worker. I have been introduced to at least one person on
this list (hi Doug) as "a guy who reads language specifications for
fun". Ever since I invited Joe to read the fine print, I've been
trying to make fellow Java programmers aware of synchronized's dual
role as a provider of both mutual exclusion and shared variable
visibility. I am happy to see that after two and a half years some
people are finally taking Chapter 17 seriously (even if most people
are still programming to a spec that exists only in their own minds),
and furthermore that there is work afoot to make the JMM usable by the
mere mortal.

When I'm not spouting off about Chapter 17, I'm usually staring into
space contemplating actions that follow themselves.

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