JavaMemoryModel: To race or not to race

From: V.C. Sreedhar (
Date: Mon Jun 28 1999 - 14:30:03 EDT

It is my understanding that most of the issues that we are
concerned in Chp 17 is for programs that contain data races.
For data race free programs, the JMM seems ok. For one thing
most people (hopefully) are writing race free programs. But since
those few good ones that are writing race programs (which are hopefully
< 5% ), JMM specification inhibits optimizations even for data
race free programs (since we don;t know whether a program racy or not).

Here is a thought! why not let loose those programs that are racy.
Bad idea for Sun, since we sacrifice portability. What the heck,
since the problem is already racy, multiple run on the same
platform will yield different results!

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