Re: JavaMemoryModel: Finializers again (this is important)

From: Tom Cargill (
Date: Mon Jan 17 2000 - 10:16:26 EST

Bill writes:

>As was mentioned previously, many of these issues also arise for weak
>references. But I think the cases involving finializers are going to
>be the most difficult ones to solve, so we should start by figuring
>out the feature set we want for finalizers.
> Bill

I think that weak references are more than just a similar set
of problems. I speculate that weak references are to be the primitive
semantics, on which the semantics of finalizers will be defined
in terms of Java source code. I speculate that finalization will
have *no* primitive semantics (modulo a tiny bit of access control,
which has no affect on the memory model).

This speculation is based on reading the 1.2 implementation of finalization.


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