Re: JavaMemoryModel: Pentium memory model

From: Keith Randall (
Date: Mon Jan 17 2000 - 15:57:48 EST

> * The Pentium doesn't offer a memory barrier instruction. The only
> instruction
> that has the effect of a memory barrier is the processor ID instruction,
> which looks like it might be expensive.

Bus locking seems to be the most efficient way to get a memory barrier
on a Pentium, somewhat more efficient than the cpuid instruction.
Here's some notes I wrote up about 2 years ago:

 * Ensure that all previous memory operations are completed before
 * continuing.
static inline void Cilk_fence(void)
  /* We use an xchg instruction to serialize memory accesses, as can
   * be done according to the Intel Architecture Software Developer's
   * Manual, Volume 3: System Programming Guide
   * (, page 7-6,
   * "For the P6 family processors, locked operations serialize all
   * outstanding load and store operations (that is, wait for them to
   * complete)." The xchg instruction is a locked operation by
   * default. Note that the recommended memory barrier is the cpuid
   * instruction, which is really slow (~70 cycles). In contrast,
   * xchg is only about 23 cycles (plus a few per write buffer
   * entry?). Still slow, but the best I can find. -KHR */
  int x=0,y;

  asm volatile ("xchgl %0,%1"
                :"=r" (x)
                :"m" (&y), "0" (x)


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