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From: Joseph Bowbeer (
Date: Thu Jan 20 2000 - 02:52:31 EST


It will be bad news for JMM if the Realtime Java spec (RTSJ) is adopted in its
current form before JMM gets off the ground.

According to your schedule, the JMM JSR won't be announced until a month or
two *after* public review of RTSJ has closed. I urge everyone to checkout RTSJ
while public review is still open.

The following article in Dr. Dobb's Journal presents a good overview of RTSJ.
It's also been the only place I've been able to find code samples.

The are four code samples in the article, and not a single 'synchronized'
among them.

This quote is from section 5.2 of RTSJ (rev. 0.90):

    "Java monitors, and especially the synchronized keyword, provide a very
elegant means for mutual exclusion synchronization."

There is no mention of using 'synchronized' to transmit values between

Joe Bowbeer

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> > I talked with Tim Lindholm, and we thought that the following schedule > would be reasonable for changing the Java Spec: > > * April - Announce a JSR to change the spec. This would set out the issues > and point to > some specific proposals. > * June - BOF's at JavaOne and PLDI, form expert committee, start process > * Summer - provide guidance on changes needed to JVM's and libraries to > make them > compatible with the spec > * By end of 2000 (earlier if possible) - finalize spec > > This schedule is ambitious schedule, but I think this is too important to > let it slip any further than this. > > What do other people think of this schedule? > > Bill > > ------------------------------- > JavaMemoryModel mailing list -

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