JavaMemoryModel: Re: Schedule for changing the JavaMemoryModel

From: Doug Lea (
Date: Thu Jan 20 2000 - 13:44:16 EST

> It will be bad news for JMM if the Realtime Java spec (RTSJ) is adopted in its
> current form before JMM gets off the ground.
> According to your schedule, the JMM JSR won't be announced until a month or
> two *after* public review of RTSJ has closed. I urge everyone to checkout RTSJ
> while public review is still open.

Perhaps you (Joe) could write something that conveys a sense of the
concerns of the people on this mailing list? Since we are not
otherwise any kind of organized group, we cannot do much more than

I think there are only a few basic issues with respect to JMM:

  * The special RawMemoryAccess mode must act like volatile.
    (These are methods, not direct accesses, so might be tricky
    to phrase this requirement just right.)

  * The RTJ spec should clearly state that the standard memory rules
    (i.e., ch17 or its revision) hold for all other special categories
    of memory. (Although I wonder if any other special initialization
    guarantees are intended here?)

  * Asynch Event handlers must be written as if each triggering is invoked
    in a different thread than any other. This forces memory safety in
    the only case I can see that does not otherwise explicity require

Do you know of others?

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