JavaMemoryModel: Current stage of proposed Java memory model?

From: Fang Weijian (
Date: Wed Mar 13 2002 - 23:38:16 EST


I want to implement Java memory model in a distributed environment. The
proposed model (Multithreaded semantics for Java, by Jeremy Manson and
William Pugh, Revised Dec 12th ) is release consistency informally, which is
what most persons in distributed shared memory field like to see, since
release consistency greatly relaxed memory model so that a distributed
implementation of Java memory model is feasible w.r.t. resulted performance.

However, I can not get any information of current stage of proposed Java
memory model (JSR133). According to its anticipated schedule, it should be
in Final Draft Proposal on January 2002. But I can't find it in the
corresponding JCP stage list, neither in other stage lists. So could you
please tell me what is the current stage of Java memory model?



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