Re: JavaMemoryModel: Current stage of proposed Java memory model?

From: Bill Pugh (
Date: Thu Mar 14 2002 - 10:40:22 EST

At 12:38 PM +0800 3/14/02, Fang Weijian wrote:
>I want to implement Java memory model in a distributed environment. The
>proposed model (Multithreaded semantics for Java, by Jeremy Manson and
>William Pugh, Revised Dec 12th ) is release consistency informally, which is
>what most persons in distributed shared memory field like to see, since
>release consistency greatly relaxed memory model so that a distributed
>implementation of Java memory model is feasible w.r.t. resulted performance.
>However, I can not get any information of current stage of proposed Java
>memory model (JSR133). According to its anticipated schedule, it should be
>in Final Draft Proposal on January 2002. But I can't find it in the
>corresponding JCP stage list, neither in other stage lists. So could you
>please tell me what is the current stage of Java memory model?

The current stage is what is being discussed on this list. Jeremy and
I announced a draft formal proposal last November, although it wasn't
really in the format that would be needed for the JCP process. It has
been difficult to get much feedback on it, and it is only now that
some of the experts on the topic of memory models have been getting
back to us with comments (or promises of comments).

To force things to move along, the expert group will be voting in a
few weeks on what formal model to adopt as the basis for the Java
memory model.

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