JavaMemoryModel: Draft version of JSR-133 public review document

From: Bill Pugh (
Date: Thu Jan 29 2004 - 17:00:57 EST

We've posted a draft version of the JSR-133 public review document at:

This document does not give a complete and formal definition of
causality, since the expert group decided that it would be most
useful for people coming into the JMM discussion at this point to
focus their energies at higher-level issues. Instead, it brackets the
issue (giving simple models that have both too strict and too relaxed
notions of causality) and describes a number of principles and
testcases that guide the overall requirements for the memory model
and causality in particular.

Please give us feedback on anything that you think needs to be
addressed, but do so quickly. We should finish all of our work on
this by next Monday, Feb 2nd.

Most of the new material is in sections 6-8.


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