RE: A few typos -> RE: JavaMemoryModel: Proposed Final Specification

From: Carr, Wayne (
Date: Thu May 27 2004 - 15:28:45 EDT

A few more typos.

1. section 1.2 second paragraph. "Intuitively, either instruction 1 or
instruction 3 should first in the execution." It's missing a word like
"occur" after "should"

2. section 1.7.1 definition of "po" program order. "is a total order all
actions" is missing the word "of" ("of all")

3. section 1.7.1 definition for "k" doesn't include actions that start a
thread or that detect a thread completes. These are listed as
"Synchronization Actions" in section 1.5 Definitions. (Also, detecting
a thread completes isn't listed in 1.5 Inter-thread Actions.)

4. section 1.8.1 first paragraph "if a processor reorders the
statements". Early on it says "For the purposes of simplicity, we shall
simply refer to anything that can reorder code as being a compiler." and
usually, unless processors are specifically meant, the draft uses the
word compiler.

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