A few typos -> RE: JavaMemoryModel: Proposed Final Specification

From: Carr, Wayne (wayne.carr@intel.com)
Date: Tue May 25 2004 - 21:00:41 EDT

A few typos - the references below are to the chapter, but the typos are
also in the other draft as well.

1. when printed, the section title at the top of section 1.2 on page 3
"Incorrectly Synchronized ... Behaviors" runs into the page number so it
winds up looking like "Behaviors3"

2. Figure 1.2 and the text referring to it have typos that make the
example hard to understand. In thread 1 "r4=r4.x" is likely not
intended (r4 isn't written to anywhere else). Also "p6.x = 3" in thread
2 likely isn't intended (there is no p6). In the text below that it
says "then a and c will have value 0" but there is no "a" or "c" (r2 and

3. section 1.6.2 refers to the happens-before order described in 1.3.
This is right after the more detailed description of happens-before in
section 1.5. Seems it should refer to that latter, fuller description.

4. section 1.7.3, 2nd sentence. Needs a "," between 'hb' and 'ob'

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>The Java memory model is done!
>Just kidding. We have put out a specification document that we think
>reflects everyone's many years of good work on the memory
>model. If you
>all agree to it, we would encourage it as our final document.
>If you have the chance, please give it a good, solid read through. It
>contains the external actions as I explained them last night
>(or perhaps
>more clearly than that), plus the newer formalization of final fields
>that Bill discussed last week.
>Available from:
> Jeremy
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