JavaMemoryModel: JSR-133 status and plans

From: Bill Pugh (
Date: Tue Jul 06 2004 - 14:12:46 EDT

OK, I talked with Gilad at JavaOne, and worked out the plan.

The new JLS will not be done in time to meet the Tiger deadlines.

For this and other reasons, the process is planned as follows. Let
me know if you have any thoughts, concerns or alternatives.

* This week, we will complete the current JSR-133 specification.
   The only changes from the previous one will be minor spelling
   and grammatical fixes and some clarifications.

* The JSR-133 specification will note which sections of the document
   will be incorporated into which other specifications. All future
   maintenance of the JSR-133 specification will be handled through
   those other documents. The JSR-133 specification document will not be
   maintained or updated once the final version is published.

* The JSR-133 specification will also include a pointer to the JMM web
   page (which will also be pointed to by the JSR-133 page), saying
   that future discussion, explanation and non-normative text regarding
   the JSR will be linked to from that location.

Sound good?


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