JavaMemoryModel: JSR-133 proceeding to public final draft without JLS chapter

From: Bill Pugh (
Date: Thu Aug 05 2004 - 16:54:47 EDT

I still haven't heard anything from Gilad in terms of the JLS
chapter on the JMM. The words I've been hearing about deadlines
are a little nebulous, but ominous and approaching.

So JSR-133 will complete and go to Final Approval Ballot
without the JLS chapter as part of the material submitted
for FAB.

Jeremy and I have done everything we plan to do. I've updated
the version on the JMM web page:

I'm going to do one more read though for typos and we won't make
any corrections other than typos or egregious mistakes (in which case
we'll send out email). Feel free to do a read through, but, remember,
at this point we are only fixing typos or egregious mistakes.

Almost all of the changes over the past two months have been
presentational. Between writing up the Java memory model for
a POPL paper just having more time to sit on it, we found a few places
to improve the presentation. We clarified/disambiguated a few corner
and relaxed the JVM restrictions on writes to final fields.

I've leave the draft up over the weekend. By early Monday, I'd like
votes from all members of the expert group as to whether we are
ready to go to final approval ballot.

I'll work on filling out all the paper work tomorrow,
and unless any problems or objections come up, on Monday
we will turn the JSR over to Sun web engineering so it
can be prepared for the JCP EC vote.


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