Re: JavaMemoryModel: Reference on "Correctly synchronized programs are sequentially consistent"

From: Jeremy Manson (
Date: Fri Aug 13 2004 - 13:14:54 EDT

Sarita's Weak Ordering paper is, I believe, the first mention of
sequential consistency for data race free programs. Others had
different criteria for ensuring sequential consistency:

  author = {Sarita V. Adve and Mark D. Hill},
  title = {Weak ordering\a new definition},
  booktitle = {Proceedings of the 17th annual international symposium on
Computer Architecture},
  year = {1990},
  isbn = {0-89791-366-3},
  pages = {2--14},
  location = {Seattle, Washington, United States},

There are several papers that state the new JMM will have this property.
  The first published one that comes to mind is Bill's and my paper in
CSJP last month:

Requirements for a Programming Language Memory Model. Jeremy Manson and
William Pugh. Workshop on Concurrency and Synchronization in Java
Programs, in association with PODC. July, 2004.

You can get that paper here:

The JSR itself also states this, as will my forthcoming dissertation.


Bart Jacobs wrote:
> I am writing a paper about a locking scheme, and in that paper I
> assume that
> the memory model obeys the rule that if all sequentially consistent
> executions are data-race-free, then all executions are sequentially
> consistent. However, I anticipate that many readers are not familiar
> with
> this material, and I wonder if anyone knows a good published reference
> to
> which I can refer? I would be particularly interested in anything that
> states that this rule will be a guarantee in the next Java Memory
> Model.

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