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From: Joe Bowbeer (
Date: Tue Aug 23 2005 - 13:17:02 EDT


I strongly prefer the mailing list option because it can be
aggregrated. If we're not planning to use the discussion forum then I
recommend you shut it down.

(Btw, to aggregate postings from mailing lists, I recommend
subscribing with a gmail account.)

Any recommendations on project roles and watches? Are you expecting
some members of this list to request a role? Add this project to
their watch list? (Watches don't need approval, though, so there's
probably no need to discuss them.)


On 8/23/05, Bill Pugh <> wrote:
> OK, we now have a web page for the Java memory model at
> All discussion of the JMM should move over to that web site; I'm going
> to shut down the JMM mailing list shortly.
> We'll start a errata page and perhaps an FAQ page. Jeremy and I may also
> put up the current draft of our TOPLAS submission on the JMM. I'm
> also starting the
> process of revising the JSR-133 and the JLS to strength the theorem
> about
> correctly synchronized programs, as discussed recently.
> At the moment, the web site is pretty empty; I've set up a discussion
> forum,
> and we could also use the mailing list
> We need to decide one important issue as part of the move: will the
> majority
> of the JMM discussions take place on the
> mailing list, or on the discussion forums at
> My inclination
> is that we should use the discussion forums, and probably use the
> mailing lists only
> for announcements.
> Bill

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