Spreading Depression in Focal Ischemia: Ischemic Simulation Animation

Kenneth Revett, Eytan Ruppin, Sharon Goodall and James Reggia

November 1997

The image below presents an animation of selected cref output frames of external potassium (K) over the course of a 260000 timestep simulation. Each output frame in the animation presents a colored rectangular grid surface, where the color of each grid element is proportional to its K level at a particular timestep. The colormap ranges over fifty shades of gray, from black for K levels of 0.0 to white for K levels of 1.0. The background (outside the simulation grid) is colored blue. The parallelogram configuration of the grid provides an equidistant presentation of each grid element with its six neighbors.

The simulation used baseline parameter settings as found in the distributed CSD software. An ischemic core of radius 10 is located slightly off-center in the animation images.
GIF animation

Re-run animation

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