[DBPC Sketch]

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away...
The old order had collapsed, the four years of
college and life had spread them far and wide.
But now they are back in the New World.
The search is on for the...

Class of 1992
Don Bosco Park Circus (DBPC) ,  Calcutta ,  India

Few of the things we are working on:

Get-together 2000
Get-together 2003 (Dont get too excited, it was only 4 of us)

We intend to add more stuff to this page, as and when, they become available.

Hot News

Hot News

  • Get-together 2000 snaps and details now available.
  • Dramatis Personae

    Who Email Where Last updated
    Manish Ahluwalia manish@cup.hp.com Working at HP, California
    Nizamuddin Amer amer@box100.com
    Nimar Singh Arora narora@us.orcale.com MS in CS from UT Austin, Working in Oracle, San Francisco
    Ashok Banerjee abanerje@us.oracle.com Working in Oracle
    Bikramjit Banerjee bikramjit_banerjee@yahoo.com Free lance Sales consultant (real estate and hotels) Calcutta
    Suman Banerjee suman@cs.umd.edu PhD in CS at Univ. of Maryland, College Park
    Debraj Basu GE Countrywide Finance, Mumbai
    Saibal Basu saibal_raja@yahoo.com Doing a PhD in Economics at Notre Dame Univ. Indiana
    Gaurav Bhasin rav92@yahoo.com MSE, UCLA, Working in Vitesse, CA
    Biswadeep Bhattacharya BE, Shibpur
    Surya Narayan Bhattacharya stubhats@acs.eku.edu Mass Comm, JU, now at Eastern Kentucky Univ.
    Vickram Caprihan Marine Engg
    Partho Chakraborty TCS Madras
    Rahul Chakraborty RahulC@tatahoneywell.co.in Tata Honeywell, India
    Indrajit Chatterjee bampu@hotmail.com Mindteck (India), Cal part-timing at IIM, Cal
    Suvadip Chatterjee suvadip_chatterjee@yahoo.com Finishing MD (Internal medicine) at CMC, Ludhiana in Dec 2000
    Anindya Chaudhuri c_anindya@hotmail.com
    Kanishka Chaudhuri riju_c@yahoo.com   riju2@hotmail.com Working at Computer Associates, Chicago
    Shubhrajyoti Choudhury subhrajyoti_c@hotmail.com Area Sales Manager, Discovery Channel India, Calcutta
    Jhelum Chowdhury jhelum_c@hotmail.com MBA IIM Bangalore '97, Reliance Telecom Ltd
    Rahul Coelho rahul4444@yahoo.com Corp banking divison at the Bank of Nova Scotia, based in Coimbatore April 13, 2003
    Anirvan Coomer anicoo@yahoo.com Deloitte Consulting, Singapore
    Dhiman Das dhimandas@hotmail.com
    Kaushik Das Working in Maurya Sheraton, Delhi
    Sabyasachi Das saby_das@yahoo.com In Business School at UNC Chapel Hill
    Anindya Dasgupta mst9504@isical.ernet.in M. Stat at ISI, Calcutta
    Vineet Dhingra SP Jain Mngmt, Bombay
    Shiraj Doss Professional Music a.k.a MIJO
    Arjun Dutta arjundutta@hotmail.com Faculty (Pharmacy) at Howard University, Wash DC. First faculty in the batch !
    Sanjeev Gandhi JU++
    Abhishek Gangwal agangwal@indiana.edu Finished MS in CIS, Indiana Univ.
    Anirban Ghosh anirban_ghosh@hotmail.com Doing MS in Telecom at U Pitt
    Kaushik Ghosh kaushikghosh@usa.net   kghosh@mil.emc.com Working at EMC Corp, Milford, MA
    Debjyoti Gupta sayannet@rediffmail.com Cost accountant in own consultancy firm in Calcutta (Sayannet Internet Consultants)
    Joydeb Guha joy_guha@hotmail.com Web Development Co, Cal
    Vikram Iyengar vik@ee.duke.edu PhD in EE Duke University, North Carolina
    Indrajit Jhala i.jhala@lycos.com IIM, Cal, Infosys
    Parikshit Kar Parikshit.Kar@hpl.co.in HPL India
    Partho Kar Medicine - NRS, Calcutta
    Vyom Khandelia vyom@cheerful.com Working at Ishoni Networks, Bangalore
    Aditya Kumar aditya.kumar@usa.net Calcutta, doing plastics product development
    Rajiv Lall rajiv.lall@intel.com Aug 5, 2003
    Varun Malhotra varun_malhotra@yahoo.com Currently in NY (Office of the Mayor, New York City)
    Zahid McSood (Maqsud) mcsood@caltiger.com
    Nitin Mehra nit.biginfo@axcess.net.in Business India Group - Marketing
    Arindam Mitra Nicco Sw Exports, Cal
    Rajarshi Mandal rajarshi@tatamotors.com Working TataMotors, Jamshedpur Oct 7, 2003
    Anirban Mookherjee mookherjee@yahoo.com   riku@123india.com TCG Software, Calcutta
    Parnab Mukherjee askparnab@columnist.com Was working for Asian Age, currently in TOI ?
    Suman Pain suman_pain@hotmail.com California
    Harish Pathak Medicine at CMC, Calcutta
    Sujoy Kr. Pathak sujoy_kr@yahoo.com BE, Shibpur, currently in Union, NJ from TCS
    Manoj Plakal plakal@cs.wisc.edu PhD in CS at Wisconsin, Madison and joining Google.com Oct 7, 2003
    Lokesh Prasad lokesh_prasad@infy.com Working at Infosys
    Ananda Sankar Ray Indag Rubber, Biwadi, Rajasthan
    Jit Ray jit@hotmail.com Studying in Australia
    Tanujoy Roy tanujoy.ray@intel.com (unconfirmed !) Working at Intel
    Ranji Saha ranji.saha@usa.net MBA from Bangalore, presently in Calcutta
    Ignatius Santra Marketing dept at ITC
    Amit Saraf amit_saraf@hotmail.com Working at Usha Beltron Ltd, Calcutta
    Suman Sarbadhikari sksarbadhikari@yahoo.com Managing own business (Graphica Computers) , Calcutta Oct 9, 2003
    Arup Sarkar arup@wipsys.soft.net (last email had bounced !) Working at Wipro, Bangalore
    Arunabha Sengupta arunabho@hotmail.com Software engineer in TCG Pvt Ltd
    Bikramjit Sengupta bikramjit_s@hotmail.com UTI Bank, Cal
    Chandrashekhar M Shetty cmshetty@yahoo.com   cshetty@cs.indiana.edu MS in CS at Indiana Univ., Bloomington, currently back in India
    Anindya Sircar B Arch, JU
    Anirban Sircar MA in English, JU
    Arindum Sircar rindzz@yahoo.com At Price Waterhouse Coopers, Bangalore
    Rudra P Sircar rudraps@yahoo.com
    Monish Sonthalia widefin@cal2.vsnl.net.in At Calcutta Stock Exchange (?)
    Arjun Guha Thakurta ISWBM, Cal.
    Anand Trivedi atrivedi@hotmail.com At Ispat Karmet, Dubai
    Vivek Venkatesh vivek_venkatesh@infy.com Working at Infosys, Bangalore
    Rajesh Venkatraman icev@hotmail.com Financial Consultant, IBM, working at Singapore
    Jayesh Rasik Varma jayesh@bellsouth.net MS/MBA at Georgia State, working in Atlanta
    Amiruz Zaman amir4473@rediffmail.com

    If any names are missing and you do know their whereabouts, email addresses, home pages do write to me . Don't forget the guest book at the top of the page.

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