CMSC 396H: Undergraduate Honors Seminar

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Date Topic / Speaker
Readings & handouts
Aug 31 Introduction: What is CS research?
Sep 7
"Research impact", and the interaction between industry and research Homework #1 due. Will discuss
Sep 14
Ethics in Computer Science research (led by Michelle Mazurek) Homework #2 due. Will discuss
Sep 21
Zia Khan Project preferences due. Will discuss
Deep learning of the tissue-regulated splicing code (see also supplemental material)
Sep 28
Jeff Foster Just-in-time Static Checking for Dynamic Languages
Oct 5
Tudor Dumitraş The Dropper Effect: Insights into Malware Distribution with Downloader Graph Analytics
Oct 12
Bill Gasarch
The Complexity of Problems
Oct 19
Samir Khuller
Approximation Algorithms for Connected Dominating Sets (first 8 pages)
Oct 26
Nick L. Petroni, Jr.
The geometry of innocent flesh on the bone: return-into-libc without function calls (on the x86) (the extended version has more technical details)
Nov 2
Michael Hicks
Driller: Augmenting Fuzzing Through Selective Symbolic Execution
Nov 9
John Dickerson
FutureMatch: Combining Human Value Judgments and Machine Learning to Match in Dynamic Environments
Nov 16
Hal Daume III
Syntax-based Rewriting for Simultaneous Machine Translation
Nov 23
No class
Nov 30
Neil Spring
Timeouts: Beware Surprisingly High Delay
Dec 7
Project presentations, part I
Part II will be during the scheduled time for the final exam


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