Note   All homeworks are due by 5pm the day before the listed date

Date Topic Readings Homework
08/30 Introduction: What is CS research?
09/06 "Research impact" and the interaction between industry and research Reading and finding research papers
09/13 The paper review process; critically analyzing papers Critically analyzing research papers
09/20 Ethics in CS research The role of ethics in paper reviews
09/27 Guest speaker: Kevin Bock
10/04 Guest speaker: Christina Garman
10/11 Guest speaker: Max Leiserson Reading response
10/18 Guest speaker: Carl A. Miller Extra resources: Reading response
10/25 Guest speaker: Michelle Mazurek Extra resources: Reading response
11/01 Tools: LaTex, GitHub, and gnuplot
11/08 Guest speaker: Daniel Abadi Reading response
11/15 Guest speaker: Neil Spring Reading response
11/29 Guest speaker: Furong Huang

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