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Unity Resources

General Unity Resources:
  • Unity User Manual: A good starting point for learning everything about Unity.
  • Unity Scripting Reference: Lots of details regarding classes and functions for the Unity Engine and the Unity Editor.
  • Unity Tips: A collection of short articles on useful tips for working in Unity.
C# Resources:
  • Java and C# Comparison: Rather hard to read because of small fonts, but provides many side-by-side examples of "How to do X" in the two languages.
  • Java vs. C#: A Powerpoint presentation summarizing the principal differences between Java and C#. Concisely explains the differences, but it is a bit dated and it has a not-very-subtle slant in favoring C# over Java.
  • Comparison of C Sharp and Java: A Wikipedia article. Difficult to read, but a good reference to technical differences.

Game Development Resources

The following contains links to a few useful game development resources and web pages. This list is far from complete, and indeed a complete would be way too long. I hope this can serve as a starting point for your search. (Some of these may be old. Please let me know if any links are broken.)

Magazines, Conferences, and Online Communities:
Graphics/Physics/Game Engines/Etc:
  • Blender3D: A free open source 3D content creation suite.
  • Autodesk 3ds Max: State-of-the-art modeler. (Unfortunately it doesn't come cheap.)
  • Tinkercad: Quick and free 3D modeling site (CSG).
  • Thingiverse: One of a number of sites with free 3D models.
  • Meshlab: Free software for mesh viewing and editing.
  • itSeez3d: Works with sensor for 3D scanning.
  • Mixamo: Free character models and animations.
  • FMOD An powerful cross-platform music and sound effects system.
  • Game Engine Architecture (2nd edition) by Jason Gregory, 2014. A very broad treatment of a variety of issues in the design of games: programming, graphics, modeling, mathemetics, physics, and more.
  • Game Programming Gems. Small vignettes covering many topics in game programming, some interesting, some not.
  • Introduction to Game Development (2nd edition), ed. S. Rabin, 2009. A comprehensive collection of essays on many different aspects of game programming. Many of them are quite good.
Math and Physics:
Artificial Intelligence:
Individual Web Pages:
Game Programming Courses at Other Universities:

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