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Homeworks and Programming Assignments

Assignment Due Date Solutions Supporting Materials
Programming Assignment 1
(Updated 9/25)
Part 1: Thu, Sep 13, 11:59pm
Part 2, Installment 1: Thu, Sep 20, 11:59pm
Part 2, Installment 2: Tue, Oct 2, 11:59pm
  (See Project's Page)
Proposals for Final Projects Fri, Oct 12, 11:59pm   Optional template: Here
Homework 1:
Geometric Computation
Tue, Oct 23 9:30am Solutions Solution template
Midterm 1 Practice Problems
(Updated 10/21)
Exam date: Thu, Oct 25 9:30am Solutions
(Updated 10/21)
First Midterm Exam Exam date: Thu, Oct 25 9:30am Solutions
(Updated 11/3)
Programming Assignment 2 Wed, Nov 28, 11:59pm   (See Project's Page)
Homework 2 Tue, Dec 11, 11:59pm    

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