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CS TA Rooms / Areas - Spring 2024

Open Monday to Friday from 8AM to 8PM

IRB (Iribe Center)

  1. IRB 1107 Open Area (open area across from IRB 1107) → CMSC100, CMSC106, CMSC115, CMSC122, CMSC131, and other CMSC course not listed
  2. IRB 1108 → CMSC132, CMSC142, and DATA200
  3. IRB 1266 Open Area (open area across from the CS helpdesk) → CMSC116 and CMSC250
  4. IRB 2136 Open Area (open area across from IRB 2136) → CMSC330
  5. IRB 2207 Open Area (open area across from IRB 2207) → CMSC411, CMSC412, and CMSC416
  6. IRB 2230 Open Area (open area across from IRB 2230) → CMSC351 and CMSC351H

AVW Building (4thFloor)

  1. AVW 4122 → CMSC320/DATA320, CMSC335, CMSC430, and CMSC470
  2. AVW 4132 → CMSC414, CMSC417, CMSC420, and CMSC421
  3. AVW 4140 → CMSC422, CMSC423, CMSC424, CMSC425, CMSC426, CMSC427, and CMSC433
  4. AVW 4160 → CMSC401, CMSC434, CMSC435, CMSC436, CMSC451, CMSC452, CMSC454, CMSC457, and CMSC477
  5. AVW 4166 → CMSC216 and CMSC472

Weekend Office Hours

Weekend office hours (for all courses) will take place in AVW 4166 from 12 to 6PM.


Faculty members with concerns about office hours space allocations for their courses should contact Pedram Sadeghian - psadeghi AT umd DOT edu

Iribe TA Room Areas

IRB 1107 Open Area
IRB 1266 Open Area
IRB 2136 Open Area
IRB 2207 Open Area
IRB 2230 Open Area

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