CMSC 414: Computer and Network Security

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Relevant texts

There are no required textbooks for this course. However, the following are quite good, and I recommend them. They may be helpful for reinforcing concepts, practice problems, and delving deeper into some topics than we may go into in class.

  • Security in Computing, Pfleeger & Pfleeger, 4th ed.
  • Introduction to Computer Security, Goodrich & Tamassia, 1st ed.
  • Security Engineering, Anderson, 2nd ed. (free online)

GDB reference

GDB will be your friend in this course and in the future.

Virtual Machine software

We will be using this VM for all of the projects. The user manual has login information.

There are several good virtualization software packages; I recommend VirtualBox.

(Recall that your project submission must work within the Virtual Machine (VM) that we provide you. Be sure to test your code thoroughly in the VM provided.)


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