CMSC 132

Sections 030X/040X/050X

03/12/20   The course ELMS page is live! From this point on, I'll be posting course announcements there. We will also use the ELMS page for its discussion board, as a place for me to post lecture videos, and links to other resources. Please take a look!

03/12/20   Exam #1 scores have been published on Gradescope. The median score was 75/100. The window for regrade requests will not be open until after the TAs have had time to go over the exam solutions in class. (When classes resume on March 30th.)

03/12/20   The due date for Project #5 (Linked Lists) has been moved to Wednesday 04/01.

03/10/20   The lecture on Friday (3/13) will be pre-recorded and posted online! Don't come to class that day -- I won't be here. Check these announcements and your email for more information about viewing the lecture, once it is available.

03/09/20   Project #5 has been posted.

02/28/20   Update about Project #4 for Mac users: Some students with Macs reported that they were unable to change the color of the ButtonSquares. I made two changes to the project files that I believe will correct this issue for all users. If you are experiencing this problem, please download the new project zip file from the class webpage and import it into Eclipse. (I made a small change to Driver.java and also a change to ButtonSquare.java).

02/25/20   Project #4 has been posted.

02/22/20   The Iribe Initiative for Inclusion and Diversity in Computing is offering free tutoring and group study sessions for all students enrolled in CMSC 132. The group sessions are in IRB 1104 Mondays at 5:00PM and Thursdays at 11:00AM. To request one-on-one tutoring, complete this form.

02/17/20   Project #3 has been posted.

02/09/20   Project #2 has been posted.

02/08/20   I have created some "Study Questions" for the first two weeks of the course. To see them, click the "Study Questions" tab in the menu at the top. (You may have to refresh this page on your browser.) I'll continue to add questions as we go, without posting further announcements about it.

01/31/20   10% of your grade on each project will be for "coding style". One of the TAs will look over your code carefully and deduct points for poor style. After the grading is over, you can view the TAs comments and explanations for point deductions by finding your submission on the submission server, and selecting the link that says "Code Review". I have created a Style Guide that explains what we consider to be "good style". You should read it over carefully before the first project is due.

01/31/20   Project #1 has been posted! (Go to the "Projects" tab to find a link to the project description, and a link for the "starting files" that you must import into Eclipse.)

01/29/20   Fawzi's office hour that used to be MWF from 12:45 to 1:45 has been moved (slightly) to MWF from 12:30 to 1:30.

01/20/20   All students are required to attend both the lecture and the discussion sessions for which they are registered! You may not attend an alternate section. This policy will be enforced strictly. Quizzes or in-class assignments handed in during the wrong class session will not be graded.

01/20/20   This is the class webpage for CMSC132 sections 030X, 040X, and 050X only. Please check here often (at least once a day) for important class announcements.

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