CMSC 132

Sections 030X/040X/050X

To submit a project, go to the "Java" perspective in Eclipse. Right click on the project folder (e.g., p1) and select "Submit Project" from the pull-down menu. If you do not see the "Submit Project" option then your copy of Eclipse does not contain the class plug-ins. In this case, please see the Eclipse installations instructions on the Resources page, or drop by TA office hours for help.

You may submit many times (we grade only the last submission). You can check the status of your submissions by visiting the Submit Server Home Page and entering your University Directory ID and password.

Important: Your grade for each project will be based on the greater value of two scores: (1) The score on the very last submission prior to the deadline; (2) The score minus 20% on the very last submission prior to the late deadline (up to 24 hours late).

Click the name of a project below to see the project specification.

Project Description Due Date Zip file
Blackjack Game Sunday 02/09, 11:00PM 132Spring20Proj1.zip
Minimum Snippet Tuesday 02/18, 11:00PM 132Spring20Proj2.zip
Clear Cell Game Wednesday 02/26, 11:00PM 132Spring19Proj3.zip
Grid Click Game Friday 03/06, 11:00PM 132Spring20Proj4.zip
Linked Lists Wednesday 04/01, 11:00PM 132Spring20Proj5.zip
Hash Table Monday 04/13, 11:00PM 132Spring20Proj6.zip
Binary Search Tree Map Friday 04/24, 11:00PM 132Spring19Proj7.zip
Graphs and Mazes Saturday 05/09, 11:00PM 132Spring20Proj8.zip

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