CMSC 389E:
Digital Logic Design Through Minecraft

  • Spring 2020
  • Instructors: Akilesh Praveen, Ashwath Krishnan
  • F 2:00-2:50 in ESJ B0320

CMSC389E, Digital Logic Design through Minecraft is a Computer Science course at the University of Maryland which strives to teach students the principles and theory of digital logic. Students will leverage the popular sandbox game, Minecraft, as a learning tool as they build the basic components of a 2-bit computer, including an ALU, RAM, ROM, Clock, etc. Course curriculum is adapted from Alexander Brassel's 2019 offering of the course, and heavily borrows from CMSC250 (Discrete Structures) and ENME244 (Digital Logic) at UMD.

This class is currently taught by Akilesh Praveen and Ashwath Krishnan. We are both second-year computer science students at the University of Maryland

The Minecraft modification that allows Minecraft to interface with the UMD submit server and adds several QOL improvements is created by Jamie Brassel.

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