CMSC131 (Spring 2024) - Object-Oriented Programming I


This is the first programming course for Computer Science majors with a focus on object-oriented programming. The goal of the course is to develop skills such as program design and testing as well as the implementation of programs using a graphical IDE. All programming will be done in Java.


Corerequisite → Math140
Credits → 4

Name Office Number
Pedram Sadeghian IRB 2214

No textbook is required. With the information we provide in class you should be fine (plus the web has lots of information about class concepts). If you would like to have a textbook, here is a recommendation: Absolute Java.

Course Topics (Subject to Change)
32% Projects
15% Quizzes
33% Semester Exams (3), (10%, 11% and 12%)
20% Final Exam

Once we have graded any class material (e.g., exams, projects, etc.) we will post an announcement and a deadline by which you must submit any regrade request (if necessary). It is your responsibility to submit regrade requests by the specified deadline; no regrade requests will be processed afterwards.

Regarding Posting of Project Implementations
TA Office Hours

Office hours get extremely busy the day before a project deadline. Therefore do not wait to start your projects. Regarding office hours:


You need to keep backups of your projects as you develop them. No extensions will be granted because you accidentally erased your project or due to computer issues. Please make sure you have a backup computer/plan that will allow you to continue working on your projects if your primary computer becomes unavailable for any reason. Every term, I get emails from students asking for extensions because they had a computer issue. I am sorry this happens, but that is not a valid excuse for an extension. As a CS student, you need to get in the habit of backing up your work. Feel free to use the submit server as a backup tool by submitting often. You can also use tools like git, etc. Do not post code in any online system that is accessible to others (e.g., GitHub).


We will be using (Piazza) for class communication. You will not be able to register in Piazza yourself. Your instructor will register you using the e-mail you have in the school system.

Excused Absence

See the section titled "Attendance and Missed Assignments" available at Course Related Policies.

Even if you have a valid reason for missing a quiz or an exam, you still have to let me (not a TA) know BEFORE the time of the exam/quiz. I have no obligation to provide a makeup, even with a valid excuse, if you send me an email AFTER the exam/quiz. Simply put, if there is an issue, say something as soon as the issue comes up. Traffic issues, alarm clocks not going off, wrong date entered on your personal schedule are not valid excuses to miss a quiz/exam.

As for a note from a physician, please provide one from the UHC or a local office, where you can get an actual signature by pen from the acutal medical professional who sees you in person. Notes provided by an online service that never see you in person will not be acceptable.

Disability Support Accommodations

See the section titled "Accessibility" available at Course Related Policies. If your ADS accommodation form allows for extra time on quizzes/exams, you need to schedule a time with the ADS office and I will have the quiz/exam available for you to take in the ADS office on the quiz/exam day. You need to schedule this AT LEAST ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE. If you do not sign up for a time according to their rules, you can not take it in the ADS office with extra time and I am NOT able to give you extra time in the regular 50 minute classroom session. All temporary dates are already on the schedule, so there is no reason to delay reserving your time. Do it TODAY!

Academic Integrity

Note that academic dishonesty includes not only cheating, fabrication, and plagiarism, but also includes helping other students commit acts of academic dishonesty by allowing them to obtain copies of your work. In short, all submitted work must be your own. Cases of academic dishonesty will be pursued to the fullest extent possible as stipulated by the Office of Student Conduct.

The CS Department takes academic integrity seriously. Information on how the CS Department views and handle academic integrity matters can be found at Academic Integrity.

The following are examples of academic integrity violations:

Additional information can be found in the sections titled "Academic Integrity" and "Student Conduct" available at Course Related Policies.


All course materials are copyright UMCP, Department of Computer Science © 2024. All rights reserved. Students are permitted to use course materials for their own personal use only. Course materials may not be distributed publicly or provided to others (excepting other students in the course), in any way or format.

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