CMSC 132, Summer 2016

Object-Oriented Programming II




Development Environment

To complete the projects for this course you will be using an integrated software development tool (or IDE) called Eclipse. For additional information please visit the site

CVS Repository Account

To receive the code distribution for a project you will need a special computer account called the CVS repository account. Notice that you don't need to have this account in order to install and use Eclipse. Information about your repository account can be found at CVS Repository Account.

About Java

Sun's Java HomePage Sun's Java Tutorial Sun's Network Tutorial
Java 7.0 SDK General Documentation Java 7.0 API Specs Java SE Main Site
Java SE 7 Features and Enhancements Generics Tutorial Java Ranch
Swing Tutorial


  • Style Guidelines
  • Essentials of Debugging
  • Implementing a heap (Video I/ Video II) This video illustrates the process a programmer (Prof. Bill Pugh in this case) goes through while implementing code. This video was filmed in Dr. Bill Pugh's lecture. Keep in mind that in this video some bugs might be present in the implementation as the testing phase has not been completed yet.


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