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SIGMETRICS 2001 / Performance 2001

Performance Modeling for Fast IP Lookups

Girija Narlikar
Francis Zane

Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies

In this paper, we examine algorithms and data structures for the longest prefix match operation required for routing IP packets. Previous work, aimed at hardware implementations, has focused on quantifying worst case lookup time and memory usage. With the advent of fast programmable platforms, whether network processor or PC-based, metrics which look instead at average case behavior and memory cache performance become more important. To address this, we consider a family of data structures capturing the important techniques used in known fast IP lookup schemes. For these data structures, we construct a model which, given an input trace, estimates cache miss rates and predicts average case lookup performance. This model is validated using traces with varying characteristics. Using the model, we then choose the best data structure from this family for particular hardware platforms and input traces; we find that the optimal data structure differs in different settings. The model can also be used to select the appropriate hardware configurations for future lookup engines. The lookup performance of the selected data structures is competitive with the fastest available software implementations.

[Last updated Fri Mar 23 2001]

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