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SIGMETRICS 2001 / Performance 2001

Travel Support for Students
Who Should Apply:

The goal of the travel grant program is to encourage participation in the ACM SIGMETRICS / Performance conference by students that would normally find it difficult to attend. Applications are accepted from students at degree granting institutions throughout the world. The commitee thanks IBM Research, IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, and TeleGIF, A Nonprofit Corporation for funding this program for all students.

The committee strongly prefers to award grants to students who are not paper authors, though such students are welcome to apply. Other criteria will include evidence of a serious interest in measurement and modeling of computer systems, as demonstrated by coursework and project experience. ACM SIGMETRICS / Performance encourages participation of women and under-represented minorities.

What is Covered:

The amount of support provided to each student is intended to cover the student's conference, workshops, and tutorials registration fees (early registration only), travel (economy airfare, public transportation such as bus and train fares only), and lodging for three (if the student does not register for workshops or tutorials) or four (if the student registers for workshops and tutorials) nights. The breakdown of cost will differ based on the student's location.

For a student traveing within US, the maximum grant amount is $1,000. For a student traveling from outside of US, the maximum grant amount is $1,250.

How to Apply:

An application for a travel grant will consist of:

  1. a completed application form,
  2. a letter from the student, and
  3. a recommendation letter from the student's advisor.
The letter from the student should
  • indicate why the student believes he or she would benefit from attending the ACM SIGMETRICS / Performance 2001 conference,
  • contain a brief summary of research interests and accomplishments to date,
  • describe areas reflected in the ACM SIGMETRICS / Performance 2001 program that would impact the student's research,
  • have the student's vita attached.

In addition, the student's advisor should send a letter of recommendation to the committee,

  • confirming that the student is a full-time student and a Ph.D. candidate in good standing,
  • indicating why the advisor believes the student would benefit from attending the conference,
  • giving the advisor's opinion about the strengths and potential contributions of the student.
Please send application and recommendation letters by e-mail to Bill Cheng <> in ASCII, PostScript or PDF format. Please use the same e-mail address also for questions regarding the student travel grant program.

Reimbursement Procedure:

Please contact Bill Cheng <> regarding the reimbursement procedure.

Important Dates:

A deadline of April 23, 2001 has been set for the receipt of aplications and recommendation letters. The targeted notification date is May 7, 2001. Recipients will be required to indicate acceptance of the grant by May 14, 2001, so that alternates can be notified in the event that a recipient declines. The early notification will assist in finding cheaper airline tickets.

Student Accommodations
Courtesy of the MIT Laboratory for Computer Science, we are able to offer lower cost student housing on the MIT campus. Information and an application form are available through this link. Only students registering on or before the early registration deadline are eligible to apply for housing on the MIT campus. As of May 14th, all these rooms are filled (except for rooms that are reserved for student travel grant recipients.)

The application for student housing must be submitted together with the conference/workshop registration. Details on eligibility and assignment policies, accommodation types, fees, rules, and cancellation policies are available on the student housing application form.

[Last updated Mon May 14 2001]

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