Recordings of Lectures

Feb 26 Lecture on Pumping Lemma

Feb 28 Lecture on PL and that weird lang

March 5 Lecture on that weird lang

March 7 lecture- Review for Midterm

March 14 Lecture on SAT Solvers

Slides on SAT Solvers- Important for Project Two

March 26 lecture Time Classe. Missing first 30 min

Marrch 28 Time classes and P and NP

April 2 on Closure properties of P

April 4 SAT le CLIQ and Function-Set issue

April 9 CLIQ le SAT and 3-SAT le 3-COL

April 11 Coloring NPC

April 16 Minors, Factoring, GI

April 18 Prim Rec and Comp

April 23 HALT is undecidable, Arithmetic Hierarchy

April 25 Arith. Hier and Kolm Comp

April 30 Kolm Complexity

May 2 Bounded Queries

May 7 HW review and BoundeD Queries