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A WebPage on Factoring

by William Gasarch

(For now this is just papers that I want to gather in one place)

  1. Analysis and comparison of some integer factorization by Pomerance. From Comp. Methods in Number Theory Edited by Lenstra and Tijdeman COMPARE.PDF

  2. The Number Field Sieve by Pomerance. From Proc. of Symposia in Applied Mathematics. Vol 48, 1994. NUMBER-FIELD-SIEVE.PDF

  3. Quadratic Sieve Factoring by Pomerance. From Eurocrypt 1984. QUAD-SIEVE.PDF

  4. Smooth Numbers and the Quadratic Sieve By Lenstra and Pomerance. RIGOROUS.PDF

  5. A Tale of Two Sieves by Pomerance. Notices of the AMS, 1996 TWO-SIEVES.PDF

  6. A fast algorithm for Gaussian Elimination over GF(2) and its implementation on the GAPP by Koc and Arachchige. Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing Vol 13, 1991. FASTGAUSS.PDF

William Gasarch 2013-08-07