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CMSC 351 Algorithms, Fall, 2011

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Course Essentials
  • Lectures (located in CSIC 2117): 
    • Sec 0101: TuTh....2-3:15pm   
    • 08/31/2011--12/13/2011;
  • Instructor: Michelle Hugue 
    • Email: 
    • Office: 1125 AV Williams 
    • Hours for all classes and by appointment 
  • TAs
    • Di-Wei Huang 
      • Email: 
      • Office: 1112 AV Williams (the TA room) 
      • Hours: Wed/Fri 10am-12pm and by appointment 
    • Justin Kruskal 
      • Email: 
      • Office: 1112 AV Williams (the TA room) 
      • Hours: Mon/Wed 12pm-1:30pm and by appointment 
    • Greg Benjamin 
      • Email: 
      • Office: 1112 AV Williams (the TA room) 
      • Hours: Tu/Thu 11am-12:30pm and by appointment 
  • Book(s)
  • Homework: You may discuss homework problems and general solution strategies with classmates, but you must write up the solutions yourself. As a courtesy to the grader, homeworks are to be written clearly and neatly. Poorly written work will not be graded. When writing algorithms, be sure not only that your solution is correct, but also that it is easy for the grader to understand why your solution is correct. Your grade will be based on the simplicity, clarity, and elegance of your solutions, as well as correctness. All resources, human, paper, or electronic, must be identified and documented properly.
  • Exams: No make ups will be given. Any missed exams will be your dropped exam, excluding the final exam. Dropped exam percentage will be added to final exam perentage
Projects, Quizzes, and Exams
  • Tests: (18% each) two, in class, closed notes: 
    • October
    • Nov (tuesday bf thanksgiving)
  • Homework and Project: (25%) using the best 4 homework problem sets)
    • Two homework sets will be prior to each test
  • Final Exam: (37%) on December 17, 2011
    • Room: TBA 
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