Introduction - The Accelerated Graphics Port

Do you see any difference between these two images? If not, look closely.

Take a look at Image 1.  Focus on the decals, the beacons on the top deck, and the missiles hanging under the wings in the first image. You can't really see them, can you? They are all fuzzy.  Now, look at the second image.  Can you see that dramatic improvements in the jets' details?  The decals are all readable, the missiles can be deciphered as missiles, and many other elements can be seen.  The overall fuziness has been lifted!!

You may ask,
How was this done?
The simple answer is the Accelerated Graphics Port

What is the Accelerated Graphics Port?

The Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) interface is a new platform bus specification that enables high performance graphics capabilities, especially 3 dimensional, on PCs. It is a dedicated bus from the graphics subsystem to the core-logic chipset.  This new bus shifts the memory requirements for the 3D portions of a graphics subsytem from the local frame buffer memory to main system memory

The benefits of AGP include:

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