I aspire to build flexible and smart data analysis systems. Unburdening the data analyst can make way for great insights in a diverse number of fields.

  • To this end I am a PhD candidate researching and building interactive programming systems for data scientists with Professor Niklas Elmqvist and Assistant Professor Leilani Battle.
  • I am an intern at NASA Goddard’s Advanced Software Technology Group to support NASA Scientists derive insights from their Earth System Models.

Before entering the program:

  • I spent four years as a SDET and SDE at Microsoft, actively working on client side software in the Windows Phone and Skype for Business divisions. I learned that providing a good user experience requires more than designing a good UI.
  • I’ve also spent two years working on a start-up project Symphoni, which planted the motivational seeds to apply Machine Learning towards my solutions.

I am a proud Terp alum! I graduated from the University of Maryland with undergraduate degrees in Computer Science and Economics.

Source: Pintrest @matellng