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Low light image enhancement is an important challenge in the development of robust computer vision algorithms. The machine learning approaches to this has been either unsupervised, supervised based on paired dataset or supervised based on unpaired dataset. We analyzed the shortcomings of existing works and they motivated us to answer the following questions.
Does the dependency on a dataset improve/degrade the performance of the learning model.
Can the model be modified to learn from both paired and unpaired dataset. Can existing classical/learning models be combined based on ablation study over intuition to improve efficacy.
We concentrate our work around improving existing work and incorporating traditional techniques to increase the efficacy of the results. Furthermore, we extend our study to identify whether existing models could be utilized for other related problems such as low-light object classification, controlled light enhancement and low-light video enhancement. Thus our work thrives on existing vision based learning models while extending it's applications to related research problems.

Keywords : Computer vision, Image processing, Image enhancement, Low light, Neural networks.

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* Code for paper LLCNN * Code for paper Kimmel et al (2003) * Code for paper MSRnet * A set of image processing utilities in python