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This page is an attempt to provide information for anyone travelling to my hometown -- Teldeniya (also spelt as Theldeniya).

Teldeniya (තෙල්දෙණිය) is a mid sized city located in Kandy district, Sri Lanka.

Teldeniya is used in this document to refer to the Teldeniya new town, which came into being after 1985. The Teldeniya old town was submerged after the creation of Victoria reservoir. The Teldeniya new town was the resettlement after that. The new town was created in the location on a smaller village called Karalliyadda (කරල්ලියද්ද). As of 2021, most people call the place as Teldeniya while a few of the older population calls it Karalliyadda.

Important locations


Reaching Teldeniya

You have to take a bus to Teldeniya from the "Kandy bus stop infront of the Central Market" [location]. You can take one of the following busses.

Places / activities near Teldeniya

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