A note to interested students

I get a lot of emails from potential students - too many to answer sometimes - so if you are going to send me an email please read this first.

Potential Students: I only work with students who are already enrolled at the University of Maryland. I do not have control over the admissions process, I do not know (nor can I check on) the status of your application. Sorry!

I do not offer internships, visiting scholar positions, summer research associate positions, etc.

If you're a prospective student interested in working with me, you can apply to the College of Information Studies or to Computer Science depending on where your interests lie. Both programs fund students on TAships or other fellowships during their first year. I do not directly admit students to my research group, so anyone who wants to work with me should apply to the program directly. Of course, feel free to mention that I'm someone you're interested in working with in your application essays so I will be flagged to review it.

I'm a good advisor for students with a very specific, self-driven working style. The only way I have found to determine if we can work effectively together is to actually work on a project together. If you are admitted, please reach out. I run many lightweight research opportunities every semester that will give you the chance to see if our interests and styles are a fit. If they are, then we can talk about specific projects and funding that may start in your second year in the program.

Current Students at Maryland: If you are already a student at Maryland, I would be happy to talk to you!

My funding for students is very limited, and I always email ads recruiting students for opportunities that I have available. If you are not responding to one of those emails, then I do not have funding for you.

If you want to work with me independently of funding, I have some limited time available to do independent study projects. If you are interested in doing one, please drop me an email about the specific project is that you are intersted in working on, why you think I'm a good person to help with it, and what your research interests are in general.