Automated Planning
Theory and Practice

Dana Nau's lecture slides

Here are my lecture slides for Automated Planning: Theory and Practice. I've posted both PDF and PPT versions.

I used these slides in a one-semester graduate-level AI Planning course at the University of Maryland in Spring 2012. The workload for the students included two exams, several homework assignments, and a term project.

  • Chapter 1: Introduction [pdf] [ppt]
  • Chapter 2: Representations for Classical Planning [pdf] [ppt]
  • Chapter 3: Complexity of Classical Planning [pdf] [ppt]
  • Chapter 4: State-Space Planning [pdf] [ppt]
  • Chapter 5: Plan-Space Planning [pdf] [ppt]
  • Chapter 6: Planning-Graph Techniques [pdf] [ppt]
  • Chapter 7: Propositional Satisfiability Techniques [pdf] [ppt]
  • Chapter 9: Heuristics in Planning [pdf] [ppt]
  • Intro to Part 3 [pdf] [ppt]
  • Chapter 10: Control Rules in Planning [pdf] [ppt]
  • Chapter 11: Hierarchical Task Network Planning [pdf] [ppt]
  • Chapter 14, section 14.3: planning with chronicles [pdf] [ppt]
  • Chapter 15: Planning and Resource Scheduling [pdf] [ppt]
  • Chapter 16: Planning based on Markov Decision Processes [pdf] [ppt]
  • Chapter 17: Planning based on model checking [pdf] [ppt]
  • Chapter 20: Planning in Robotics [pdf] [ppt]
  • Chapter 23: Planning in the Game of Bridge [pdf] [ppt]
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