TA Resources

CMSC 212 - Introduction to Low-Level Programming Concepts
Spring 2009

Some VI Resources

  • Type vimtutor on the linux grace machines to get the already-installed tutorial for vi/vim, a text editor.
  • VI in 10 minutes - from unix-manuals.com

GDB Tutorial

Get it below: (Now with more pointers!)

Useful (and sometimes not-so-Useful) C/UNIX/etc Tricks

  • C-Jump - A Board Game Teaching C
  • factor - prime factorization on the command line: Hmm... where is it?
  • foreach - looping in the tcsh shell (default shell): Hmm... where is it?
  • for - looping in the bash shell: Hmm... where is it?
  • longest_line.c: Some C code to compute statistics about the longest line of a file. It uses some features of C not yet covered in class, so don't worry if the code itself looks a little confusing.

    Compile it the normal way (call it longest_line.x or longest_line), and run it with some files as arguments. To download it directly to your grace account, try using the wget command on the unformatted version below.

    View the formatted source code (with color!) or the unformatted version.
  • To create a sequence, use the seq command: Hmm... where is it?
  • Combining looping and seq (example given in tcsh) using the backtick operators (``): Hmm... where is it?
  • Coloring your prompt. This one's a little messy, so just copy the (admittedly obscure) content into your ~/.cshrc.mine file, and leave it be...

    View the additions to .cshrc.mine.

  • check_malloc(): A helper function to allocate some memory, and also check if the allocation was successful. This will become useful especially when searching for memory leaks.

    View the source code here.

CMSC 424 - Database Design
Fall 2007

SQL Assignment

  • The (combined) SQL assignment is here
  • The dataset for the SQL assignment is here

Solutions to Homework 1

Solutions to SQL Assignment

  • The solutions for the SQL Assignment is here