CMSC 132 - Object-Oriented Programming II

Fall 2006



Once we have graded any class material (e.g., exams, projects, etc.) we will post a note in the class web page indicating the material has been graded, and the deadline by which you must submit any regrade request (if necessary).  It is your responsibility to submit regrade requests by the specified deadline;  no regrade requests will be processed afterwards.


Grades are available through the online grading system (

Questions About Your Project Grades?

If you have any questions about your graded project or believe you need a regrade then first see a TA.  If after meeting with a TA you still need to submit a regrade then submit an electronic regrade using the online grading system ( as follows:

  • Log into the online grading system (
  • Select the "Regrades" option.
  • Select the appropriate project, exam, etc.
  • Specify what you need to be regraded.  If you are submitting a regrade request for a quiz or exam, also submit a written (typed) regrade request and return the request to your TA (along with the exam or quiz).
  • Submit the request by selecting the submit button.