CMSC 198K: The Science behind Computing

Fall 2009

Section 0101 and 0201

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The notes given here are not a substitute for attending class. They are meant to supplement the lectures. Please keep this in mind.

Lecture Notes

Week 1Introduction to Computer Science, Stable Marriage, and Bipartite Matching Reading/Notesslides
Week 2Introduction to Computing; Graphs and Web Search Kleinberg (read 10 pgs.)
Week 3Introduction to Ruby Ruby Notes Read Forum
Week 4Euclid's GCD Notes Read Forum
Week 5Friend Recommendations in Facebook
Arrays and Binary Search
Notes 1
Notes 2
Read Forum
Week 6 Exam Review and Exam 1 Sample Exam
Binary Search in Ruby
Read Forum
Week 7 Graph representation Notes Read Forum
Week 8 Graph Algorithms and Systems Notes(updated on 10/22) Read Forum
Week 9 Operating Systems/Internet and Shortest Paths Routing Notes Video
Week 10 Shortest Paths Routing/Google Talk See notes from week9 Read Forum
Week 11 Internet and Review (Shortest Paths) Max index in Ruby Read Forum
Week 12 EXAM 2 and Data Communication Notes Read Forum
Week 13 Retransmission protocols and Thanksgiving ??? Read Forum
Week 14 Using Circuits to Compute and AI Notes Read Forum
Week 15 Crytography and Complexity No Notes Bubble Sort Quick Sort