CMSC 198K: The Science behind Computing

Fall 2009

Section 0101 and 0201

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Please download the syllabus for all information (pdf)


Homework 4 (pdf) (due Dec 10)
Exercise 03 (pdf) Skeleton code CORRECTED Skeleton code (due Dec 8).
Homework 3 (pdf) (due Nov 12)
Corrected Homework 3 (pdf) (due Nov 12)
Exercise 02 (pdf) Skeleton Code CORRECTED Skeleton Code Public Test (due Oct 29)
HW 02 (pdf) (due Oct 15)
HW 01 (pdf) (due Sep 15).
Exercise 01 (pdf) Skeleton code (due Sep 24).

Exam 2

The second in class exam will be on Nov 17 (Tu).

Exam 1

The first in class exam will be on Oct 8 (Thu).


Currently, there is no single textbook that perfectly matches the material we plan to develop and cover. However, the following books do contain some of the material that we will cover.

Additional Reading:

The majority of the class will be taught using lecture notes that will be available on the course web page, and additional online resources.


Grading Allocation:

Two Exams20% each

You will be responsible for all material covered and assigned in class. It is also your responsibility to make sure that you pick up all homeworks and handouts. All course information and homeworks will be available on the web page. Solutions to homeworks will be given out in class.