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  Introduction to Computer Systems

CMSC 313



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Project 1 -- due Tuesday, Sept. 22, 6PM

Project 2 - due Tuesday, Oct. 6, 6PM

Project 3 - due Tuesday, Oct. 20, 6PM

  • The description for reset_table() does not state if the table size should be reset to INIT_BUCKETS if the table had grown since initialized or remain at its current size.  Either way is OK  -- we will not test the number of buckets after a reset.
  • The descriptions for get_keys() and get_values() do not specify what to return if the table contains no entries.  While returning NULL is the most straightforward result, we will not test this, so it's OK if your implementation does something different.

Project 4 - due Tuesday, Nov. 3, 6PM

  • Note that the Y86 assembler requires a newline at the end of an assembly file.  Make sure to put one in there, since emacs does not force you to.
  • The runtest program has been made more forgiving of whitespace differences, so check the submit server to see if you are now passing public tests that you were not before.
  • A bug in the assembler and simulator has been fixed, related to checking for illegal operands.  New versions have been placed in the public/bin directory on Grace, so get new copies if you are not using the ones from that directory.

Project 5 - due Friday,  Nov. 20, 6PM

Project 6 - due Thursday, Dec. 10, 6PM

  • Clarified in the spec that you should also submit the REPORT file, and that it should be a plain text file
  • Fixed error in Section 1.3 - mergesort() takes an array as input, and mergetest() generates input data - no reading integers from a file


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