CMSC 313:
  Introduction to Computer Systems

CMSC 313



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  • Syllabus with all course information (in PDF).
  • Unix tutorial (in PDF)
  • GNU Make manual
  • GNU debugger (gdb)
  • Quick reference sheet
  • GDB manual
  • Valgrind memory error detection tools and documentation for Linux available at
  • For more information about the OIT UNIX systems, see
  • The locations of OIT computer labs are listed at
  • Information about OIT print accounts is at
  • If you're using Windows, you can download a version of SSH, Tera Term SSH, from OIT's website at There is also a link there to the WinSCP FTP client.  If you prefer, you can download the putty SSH client at .

    You need an ssh client to connect to the Grace systems for class use, and you need an ftp client to move files between your machine and the Grace systems. Note that you have to enter your University directory ID and password to download SSH or FTP (which is the ID and password you use to log into Testudo for instance, not your Glue login ID and password).

  • If you're using a Mac, OIT has information about connecting to the Grace systems using Terminal and SSH at
  • If you are connecting to the Linux Grace systems using a Windows computer, you may find it very useful to download and install Xming , a Windows X server.  An X server lets you open windows from the Grace systems onto your machine.
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