CMSC 433, Fall 2014

Programming Language Technologies and Paradigms



Lecture Material

DateTopic and Materials
09/02/14 Introduction: slides (pdf), code (zip)
09/04/14 Thread Basics: slides (pdf), code (zip)
09/04/14 Basics of Testing Multithreaded Programs: slides (pdf)
09/09/14 Thread Safety: slides (pdf), code (zip)
09/11/14 Synchronization: slides (pdf), code (zip)
09/16/14 Synchronization and Visibility: slides (pdf), code (zip)
09/18/14 Java Memory Model: slides (pdf) (updated 10:30pm, 10/2)
09/23/14 Concurrent Collections: slides (pdf), code (code updated 5pm, 9/23) (zip)
09/25/14 Synchronizers: slides (pdf), code (zip)
09/30/14 Sharing: slides (pdf), code (zip)
10/02/14 Java Memory Model revisited (same slides)
10/07/14 StateDependency: slides (pdf), code (zip) (updated 7pm, 10/7)
10/09/14Executors: slides (pdf), code (zip) (updated 8am, 10/10)
10/14/14Midterm review
10/21/14 Thread Pools: slides (pdf), code (zip)
10/23/14 Parallelization: Goetz slides and course slides (pdf), code (zip)
10/28/14 Performance: slides (pdf), code (zip)
10/30/14 Non Blocking Synchronization: slides (pdf), code (zip) (slides updated 7am, 10/31)
11/04/14 RMI: slides (pdf), code (zip)
11/06/14 No class
11/11/14 RMI Details: slides (pdf), code (zip)
11/13/14 Erlang (part one): slides (pdf), code (zip)
11/18/14 Erlang (part two): code (zip)
11/20/14 MapReduce: slides (pdf), code (zip)
11/25/14 Hadoop: slides (pdf), code (zip)
11/27/14No class (Thanksgiving)
12/2/14Scalable Servers: slides (pdf)
12/4/14Linearizability: slides (pdf)
12/9/14Scala, Actors: Tutorial (pdf) More Examples (pdf) code from class (zip)
12/11/14Final review

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