Course Schedule

This schedule is tentative and subject to change. Keep in mind that the slides may not include all the material discussed in lecture. You are responsible for any material we present in lecture, even if it does not appear in the posted slides.

Week Topics Slides Work
Week #1
(Aug 28)
Course Introduction, HTML5 Intro IntroHTML.pdf HTMLCSS.pdf
Week #2
(Sep 4)
Server-Side Scripting vs Client-Side Scripting, HTML5 Cont., CSS, Server Side Includes, Apache/PHP Installation, PHP/HTML Mode, PHP Fundamentals (variables, types, operators, conditionals, loops) Functions, Passing by Value/Reference, Default Arguments, include statements PHPFundamentals.pdf
Week #3
(Sep 11)
HTML Forms, Get vs. Post, PHP Heredoc, Self-referencing scripts, Header Function ArrayForms.pdf HeredocSelfRef.pdf P1 Out (Tue)
Week #4
(Sep 18)
Sessions, Cookies, Hidden Fields, Files, Data/Time Functions, Configuration Options, PHP Object Model ConfigSessions.pdf FilesTime.pdf Objects.pdf P1 Due (Thu)

P2 Out (Thu)

Group Project Out (Tue)
Week #5
(Sep 25)
PHP Object Model Cont., Serialization, Database Systems, PHP/MySQL SQL.pdf SQLII.pdf P2 Due (Fri)

P3 Out (Fri)

Week #6
(Oct 2)
MySQL Cont., Security, Proposal Meeting, JS Data Types, Variables, Expressions SQLMisc.pdf Security.pdf JSIntro.pdf Group Project Proposal Due (Wed)
Week #7
(Oct 9)
Arrays, Console, Functions, let/const, Template Literals JSConstructsI.pdf P3 Due (Sat)

Week #8
(Oct 16)
Debugging, Default Parameters, Rest & Spread Operators, Arrow Functions, Symbols, Sets, Maps JSConstructsII.pdf Midterm I (Wed)

Week #9
(Oct 23)
Arrays, Console, Functions, let/const, Template Literals, Debugging P4 Out (Mon)
Week #10
(Oct 30)
Default Parameters, Rest Operator, Spread Operator Arrow Functions, Symbols, Sets, Maps, Forms, DOM, Events Handling, Form Validation P4 Due (Fri)

P5 Out (Fri)
Week #11
(Nov 6)
jQuery, Ajax, JSON, Custom Type Definition, localStorage
Week #12
(Nov 13)
Group Project Update, Canvas, FileReader API, Geolocation API P5 Due (Mon)

Midterm II (Wed)
Week #13
(Nov 20)
Browser Object Model, JS Classes, Object Methods, Framework's Overview, Modules P6 Out (Mon)
Week #14
(Nov 27)
Node.js, Web Services (REST, SOAP) P6 Due (Fri)
Week #15
(Dec 4)
Project Demos Group Project Due (Mon)

Week #16
(Dec 11)
Final Exam Review Last Day of Classes
(Mon/Dec 11)

Final Exam
(Sat/Dec 16 1:30pm-3:30pm)
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